Finish It February!

It gets repeated every so often. We’re living in a golden age of media and entertainment. It’s never been easier or cheaper to build a collection of quality, entertaining content. Whether it be books, games, TV series or films, you’re never too far from picking up a good one.

However, as personal entertainment libraries keep growing thanks to subscription services, free access, or massive discounts, what started as a respectably sized catalogue of content has since grown to an impenetrable mountain of media. The selection has become so sizable in some regards, it’s paralyzing to even start, and when we do, there’s another game/series/book/movie around the corner.

So, in the spirit of completionism and fulfillment, we’re proposing a new endeavor, “Finish It February”. Sure, maybe January is the month for resolutions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t finish one a month later! Now, we’re not daring to suggest that you finish EVERYTHING. Simply this: pick ONE thing, anything you may have picked up, game, book, whatever; something that you’ve enjoyed but haven’t made it to the end. Once you’ve decided on your media, finish it. You have until the end of the month (or beyond, really. But the idea is you can finish it in a month) to get through it.

Once you’ve emerged victorious (congrats!) why not share your thoughts on the journey? What made you pick it up? What happened that made you put it down? Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it? We’re hoping to have a more robust discussion and we’ll be doing our best here too, documenting our efforts to put a small dent in the library of content and share our impressions.

Some thoughts:.

  • Pick something you think you’ll enjoy. This shouldn’t be a chore. You’re pledging to finish this after all
  • Made it through your pick? Great! You’re also welcome to see how much you can get through in the month. But remember, it’s not a race!
  • Seek out others who maybe doing the same. Buddy up! Use the hashtag #FinishItFebruary to look for other like minded folks!
  • Not finishing it within the month isn’t a loss. Don’t get down! Keep at it. Life gets in the way, everyone understands that. Don’t be afraid to get back on though!
  • This is essentially honor system. No real verification is available but you’re welcome to share any kind of screenshot/proof that you’ve finished it!


We’re going to be trying a few things out, both streaming our playthroughs and sharing our post-finish thoughts! So check in with us as we dig-in or check in to see how we fared.


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