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For Pebble it’s Time, Once Again

UPDATE: In light of Pebble’s acquisition and dismantling by Fitbit, the article that follows describes impressions of a product that will no longer see store shelves. We’re going to leave it as it is as we were big fans of the Pebble as it hit its stride. We’re sad to see such an imaginative company go. 
– M
Pebble, the makers of wildly successful Pebble smartwatch, kickstarted in 2013 and the
even more successful Pebble Time smartwatch kickstarted in March 2015, are back one more time with another group of iterations on their wearable technology. And yes it’s on Kickstarter. Continue reading For Pebble it’s Time, Once Again

Cascading Style: The Art and “Science” of Layering

Winter is coming.

Here at the Geeky Gentleman, rather than dragging out those old, bulky coats, we’re preparing with a different approach: layering. The idea is simple enough: Wear a few different items (from shirts to sweaters and jackets) to keep out the cold. But with a few basic principles, layering can be a very stylish answer to a practical problem. Continue reading Cascading Style: The Art and “Science” of Layering

Cascading Style: Harry’s Razors



Each week, we at GG aim to bring you some up-to-date and practical style resources and products, so that you can not only look and feel like a true modern gent, but save a few bucks while you’re at it. For that, we’d like to introduce our column, Cascading Style. Our first post is written by Andrew Fritzer.

For the inaugural post of Cascading Style, I felt it was important to cover something that almost every guy is familiar with, shaving. Now, I have no doubt that throughout the life of A Gentleman’s Review, there will be dozens of articles concerning shaving, since even within the Geeky Gentleman team there are a wide variety of blade styles, products, and techniques used and favored. A good razor can be a powerful tool in the modern gentleman’s arsenal as very few of us can pull off the wild, untamed mountain man look. Even if you choose to rock some facial hair as part of your style, it’s important to keep it looking like it was intentional.

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Uniqlo, Japanese Clothing Megastore expanding across US

We here at Geeky Gentleman know that your closet shouldn’t only be home to superhero t-shirts and your sword of epicness (+1 against orcs). So it’s in our interest to forward you to places where you can grab quality clothes for all occasions, and also sate your thirst for cool geeky stuff. Allow me to introduce you to Uniqlo.

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