Ignite my Pyre: Previewing Supergiant Games’s latest

When Supergiant Games announced Pyre, just 3 days before PAX East. I was incredibly excited. They are consistent PAX attendees and I’m a preacher of the Supergiant gospel. There’s no aspect of their games that I haven’t liked. From Jen Zee’s art, Darren Korb’s music, Logan Cunningham’s voicework, Greg Kasavin’s design, to Amir Rao and Gavin Simon who make it all happen. Coincidentally, they also happen to be some incredibly nice people. I got to talk with a few of them about Pyre, which you can check out in the attached video. As for my personal impressions of what I got to experience at the show, you can read (or watch) about that here.

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For Pebble it’s Time, Once Again

UPDATE: In light of Pebble’s acquisition and dismantling by Fitbit, the article that follows describes impressions of a product that will no longer see store shelves. We’re going to leave it as it is as we were big fans of the Pebble as it hit its stride. We’re sad to see such an imaginative company go. 
– M
Pebble, the makers of wildly successful Pebble smartwatch, kickstarted in 2013 and the
even more successful Pebble Time smartwatch kickstarted in March 2015, are back one more time with another group of iterations on their wearable technology. And yes it’s on Kickstarter. Continue reading For Pebble it’s Time, Once Again