Thor’s Day: Norse Gods and Reboot Culture

thorsdayHappy Thor’s Day, everyone! You all know Thor, right? The majestic blond superhero with the hammer and the thunder? Or maybe the red-bearded god and lover of frost giants? Descriptions of the Norse god are vague and far-reaching across time and space. Why the disparity? And how in the world did he land in comic books?

The character known to us as Thor finds his beginnings in the oral tradition of Norse/Scandinavian mythos as the protector of humanity from the frost giants and other unnatural forces, the god (usually) second in power only to Odin. Characteristically wielding a mighty hammer, he served as the brawn to the other Norse gods’ brains. Continue reading

Exploring Earl Grey

gg-teaAlmost anyone who drinks tea has at least tried Earl Grey. Every brand makes its own version, and each has its differences in taste, smell, color, etc. However, it takes a truly refined palate to really appreciate and compare these often subtle variations. While we lack such a thing here at the Geeky Gentleman, I still decided to try my own blind taste test of some common brands found at your local supermarket. Continue reading

Death, Life, and Halloween

halloweenWith Halloween just around the corner, it’s worth taking a moment to ponder why we celebrate the day in the first place and why it emerges from its grave every year at this same time.

Every culture has its days of the dead: the Mexican Día de Muertos, the Chinese Yu Lan, the Japanese Obon, and, more recently, the Christian Hallowmas are some notable examples. But why the universal human preoccupation with those who’ve left us? The answer might lie somewhere in the dark, primal past of the mind. Continue reading