Indies to Watch: Omori


Too bad saving the world isn’t as easy as these games make it out to be.”

Thus is one of the observations made by Omori, a surreal, exploration, horror RPG that’s currently collecting backers on Kickstarter.  The brain-child of artist Omocat, Omori is taking an interesting approach to the classic RPG investigating human emotion, depression, dreams and escape.

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Acquisitions Inc. – Dungeons, Dragons and a Live Studio Audience


It’s April 13th around 2:00pm at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Thousands of attendees of the Penny Arcade Expo: East (a convention better known as PAX East) have been in line for the past two hours or so for an event in the biggest theater the center has to offer. PAX East being a games-themed exhibition, you wouldn’t be faulted if you thought that this must-see event was showcasing a big-budget video game announcement or Q&A session. (There were a few of those as well.) However, the event that had so many folks lined up for so long consisted of five people sitting at a table and rolling some dice. Continue reading

Cascading Style: The Art and “Science” of Layering

cs-layeringWinter is coming.

Here at the Geeky Gentleman, rather than dragging out those old, bulky coats, we’re preparing with a different approach: layering. The idea is simple enough: Wear a few different items (from shirts to sweaters and jackets) to keep out the cold. But with a few basic principles, layering can be a very stylish answer to a practical problem. Continue reading