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Roundtable: Revisiting Game Night


Roundtable is Geeky Gentleman’s column on tabletop gaming. Here we’ll be sharing our thoughts, criticisms and praise for all things on board games, card games, and their ilk. 

The dawn of our digital age has a marked influence on the twilight of “family game night”. The installation of broadband internet has brought with it a greater persistance of web-based social interaction and networking that it makes traditional get-togethers rather boring by comparison. We’ve got Steam, Xbox Live, the Playstation Network. This places hundreds of games, thousands of matches and millions of people at your keyboard. Meanwhile, managing to convene with 6 or so of your friends and family to sit down, apart from all those Ethernet shenanigans is becoming trickier to accomplish. But the board game is not dead. This I can assure you.  I’ve played them and I have seen the light. Continue reading Roundtable: Revisiting Game Night