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Losing the Cape: Going Beyond Super Heroes vol. 1

To a casual observer, comic books are all capes and sidekicks, or do-gooders righting wrongs. And while those types of stories are certainly in the mix (and quite popular with many) there are other kinds of stories that don’t always make it to the spotlight. We here at Geeky Gentleman believe that THAT’S a wrong worth righting. So we’ve started “Losing the Cape” a recurring series where we’ll introduce (or reintroduce, as the case may be) you to some stories that you may have missed.

For this first installment we’ve got three quality Fables for you to Chew on that are real Skullkickers.

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Welcome to the home of the Geeky Gentleman

You’ve reached the hub for the geeky and culturally refined gentleman. We here at the Geeky Gentleman have been brought together not only by a love for the geeky things, but also an appreciation of refined, gentlemanly things such as suits and scotch.

Being a geek and a gentleman aren’t mutually exclusive and we’re here to prove that. So stay tuned for coverage of geeky culture with a panache rarely seen on other blogs.




Matthew Faustini EIC