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For a lot of guys, ties have become synonymous with the work place. That 9 to 5 grind in an uncomfortable office, wearing the same red, blue, or black tie day in and day out. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find guys who just can’t stand to have them on any longer than they need to.

We here at GG are pretty big fans of ties. Although some of us have to wear them to the office, we like to think of this as an opportunity to show off our sense of style. Chances are, you can also find us wearing ties in the off hours, both casually and with a bit of dress, should the situation call for it. It’s a great accessory and one that, if done right, can be a boon to first impressions, second chances, and third dates. To that end, this week’s review is for a company whose name you may have heard in passing but never quite thought to check out: The Tie Bar.

The Tie Bar was founded in 2004 by two lawyers out of Chicago. Both were of the mindset that well designed, good looking ties shouldn’t cost you more than the shirt you’re wearing, or set you back a week’s salary. The result was a company with quality ties for only $15 each. Fifteen. That’s it. Since its founding, the company has taken off and received high praise from media outlets like NBC-TV, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Another publication in particular has a great deal of love for The Tie Bar. GQ Magazine has repeatedly featured the company alongside rave reviews of the products and has included them in the outfits of various celebrities who have adorned their cover. Their ties have been worn by the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jon Hamm, Michael Fassbender, and Neil Patrick Harris to name a few (The actual list is much longer, we recommend taking a peek here).

The ties themselves are excellently made. They feel a bit on the thicker side, and may seem a little bit heavier than some are used to, especially for a silk tie. However, their thickness is attributed to a higher concentration of silk, which in turn means higher quality and durability in the finished product. The site offers a wide range of both neckties and bow ties to choose from in almost every color or combination of colors you could imagine. You’ll have a choice of materials, as well, from silk, cotton or wool though not every tie design is available in every fabric. There is also a number of patterns and prints for those of you who might like their ties a little bit flashier.

Should you find yourself overwhelmed at the selection, there is a guide on the website which will help to narrow it down for you. By selecting the color of the shirt or suit you plan to wear, the guide will offer up a recommendation of ties that match. The guide is also available should you come across a tie while browsing that catches your fancy, offering up possible suit/shirt colors to wear instead.

And no tie would be complete without a little something extra. Yes, The Tie Bar does in fact sell it’s name sake, tie bars. They also offer a selection of cuff links, money clips, pocket squares, and collar stays. Just about every accessory you could think of to look your very best.

Unlike similar startups who proceed to raise prices or compromise the original goal of the company once they’ve made a name for themselves, The Tie Bar remains true to its origins, providing quality ties in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials to fit the needs of the modern gent at an affordable price.
We highly recommended that you check the company out the next time you’re in need of a tie, looking for that perfect accessory, or just curious to whats out there:

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