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Acquisitions Inc. – Dungeons, Dragons and a Live Studio Audience

It’s April 13th around 2:00pm at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Thousands of attendees of the Penny Arcade Expo: East (a convention better known as PAX East) have been in line for the past two hours or so for an event in the biggest theater the center has to offer. PAX East being a games-themed exhibition, you wouldn’t be faulted if you thought that this must-see event was showcasing a big-budget video game announcement or Q&A session. (There were a few of those as well.) However, the event that had so many folks lined up for so long consisted of five people sitting at a table and rolling some dice. Continue reading Acquisitions Inc. – Dungeons, Dragons and a Live Studio Audience

Indies to Watch – The Mandate


For our first ever “Indies to Watch”, we bring you an early look at “The Mandate”, a futuristic game in which you lead your crew on an adventure of your choosing throughout the Universe. Sound like the same old song and dance you hear from the rest of the Sci-Fi genre, right? Guess again.

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Cascading Style – The Tie Bar


For a lot of guys, ties have become synonymous with the work place. That 9 to 5 grind in an uncomfortable office, wearing the same red, blue, or black tie day in and day out. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find guys who just can’t stand to have them on any longer than they need to.

We here at GG are pretty big fans of ties. Although some of us have to wear them to the office, we like to think of this as an opportunity to show off our sense of style. Chances are, you can also find us wearing ties in the off hours, both casually and with a bit of dress, should the situation call for it. It’s a great accessory and one that, if done right, can be a boon to first impressions, second chances, and third dates. To that end, this week’s review is for a company whose name you may have heard in passing but never quite thought to check out: The Tie Bar.

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Cascading Style: Harry’s Razors



Each week, we at GG aim to bring you some up-to-date and practical style resources and products, so that you can not only look and feel like a true modern gent, but save a few bucks while you’re at it. For that, we’d like to introduce our column, Cascading Style. Our first post is written by Andrew Fritzer.

For the inaugural post of Cascading Style, I felt it was important to cover something that almost every guy is familiar with, shaving. Now, I have no doubt that throughout the life of A Gentleman’s Review, there will be dozens of articles concerning shaving, since even within the Geeky Gentleman team there are a wide variety of blade styles, products, and techniques used and favored. A good razor can be a powerful tool in the modern gentleman’s arsenal as very few of us can pull off the wild, untamed mountain man look. Even if you choose to rock some facial hair as part of your style, it’s important to keep it looking like it was intentional.

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