For Sale: A Throne of Awesome

Let’s be honest for a moment, who amongst us wouldn’t kill hordes of his enemies in order to claim the mighty Iron Throne? To sit upon it and have all of your co-workers and family members recognize your rule over the domain? That’s what I thought… And if you’re like myself and the other Geeky Gents, then Sunday’s season finale has left you craving for more from the lives of House Stark and the Lannisters! Well thanks to HBO, you can now have both! Minus the bloodshed of course.

The HBO online store is now taking orders for a life size replica of the Iron Throne! For those of you not familiar with George R.R. Martin’s epic book series and/or the HBO feature adaptation, Game of Thrones is the first of the series and tells the tale of Westeros and its various struggles, specifically its noble houses and their interactions. It’s presented through a number of plot lines and various points-of-view, making it an immensely in depth story.

The Iron Throne is the symbol of rule over Westeros, one for which the noble houses continually seek to claim. Legend has it that the throne was forged out of a thousand swords over 59 days, and while this version is made in a significantly shorter amount of time, it looks no less epic!

The beautifully crafted throne is made out of hand finished, hand painted fiberglass coated with a fire proof resin. It measures over 7’ in height, 6’ in depth and 5.5’ in width, making it a comfortable piece of furniture for any GoT fan! Much like the real Iron Throne, this one does come with a price, you’ll have to pay a cool $30,000 to add this masterpiece to your collection. You can buy one to call your very own right here. Oh, let’s not forget about the $1,800 shipping surcharge. Just remember, a Lannister always pays his debts…which you’re sure to have a lot of if you’re crazy enough to buy this.

Source: (HBO Store)

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